Home Sweet Cave

Okay, I’m not an interior designer, an experienced chef, baker, home renovator, or athlete… I’m not even a proper photographer and I’m truly making this blog up as I go. But! One thing I am full of is passion and all these things that I’m-not-exactly-an-expert on, help embellish my life with zest, comfort, fun, and creativity; something I want to share.

I have always been someone who has a creative project. Right now my focus is on being expressive in simple ways like cooking, improving my photography, writing, and decorating with things that we already own! I have always been in love with decorating and re-decorating. I remember one of the best days of my childhood my mom took me to Bed, Bath & Beyond and helped me to redecorate my whole bedroom however I wanted. I decked it out in total Tiki/Hawaiian theme (cringe) and I loved it so much. Another decor change we did was an old Hollywood theme, think: light pink, black and white photos and lots of silk. My mom helped me repaint my furniture, hang everything and has always been the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. I want to be like her when I grow up! One of my more *imaginative* decorating projects was when I collected hundreds of CD’s to cover the walls of my closet with… the early 2000’s were a weird time. 

In college, my best friend Riley and I lived together for many years and we had the worlds cutest apartments (never forget Shannon’s Place). Although our landlord (yes, Shannon) told me our porch umbrella was “tacky” and made us take it down, our indoor and outdoor decor was always on point.  Our styles complimented each other perfectly and so many of our things were handmade, artsy, and colorful. Post-college, I gathered a more sophisticated style from places I traveled (aka fewer conflicting patterns and tapestries acting as wallpaper). The apartments I stayed at in Copenhagen had lovely white brick and white-washed wood floors, grey couches, and natural light. In the Netherlands, no table lives without a candle and fresh flowers and honestly it just makes your life better. 

In my recent move and the months leading up to it, Instagram has been a never-ending source of simple and lovely home design as well as designers sharing their creative philosophies about space. One of the most important things moving so many times has taught me is that it’s not about filling our homes up with stuff just because, but about intentionally finding the little details that make our spaces unique (Shout out to Ashley Petrone @arrowsandbow for this point!) and building off those details with your own personal style to make a functional and lovable place to live. Less is more – which is great for me because we are moving in with very little stuff. 

So on to our new place! We have upgraded with this apartment big-time. Our first apartment together in Amsterdam came furnished, and was truly perfect, but it was only 27 square meters (290 square feet) which is the exact same size as the first dorm I had. Our new place is a basement dwelling and it’s been totally renovated. My favorite parts are the little details that the owner put into it such as the huge stained glass window in the living room, the closet built-ins, and the frosted glass doors throughout. It’s also 110 square meters which is huge considering we didn’t own a single piece of furniture until two weeks ago. Now that we’ve been here nearly a week I feel totally comfy and excited to call this place home. My personal first priority was decorating for Christmas on a serious budget and getting our kitchen stuff into place. Together we are slowly unpacking, trying different placement for our furniture and things, and getting settled. Since its winter and we don’t have an abundance of natural light, I got so excited today when I got to experience proper sunshine streaming in the windows and took a million photos. The extra room isn’t ready for company yet so I’ll share that another time in the future and the place isn’t perfectly clean or put away, but here is our lovely little space! 🙂

I’d love to someday put more lights going up the stairs and get some serious plant life hanging over, that area is a bit dark for me but the wood is lovely and I feel like we are in a cabin in the woods. 

So in love with the bedroom, our new bed, and the simple bookshelf built-ins. 

One thing we have a LOT of: Books! So this was my solution to not having a bedside table. 

Can’t believe I live here! 


3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Cave

  1. What a great space! Love your clean, warm decorating style with space still free for when you find just that perfect accent. Too many people feel the need to do everything at once and forget about the fun in the hunt. Can’t wait to see how your already lovely home evolves with time. Merry Christmas Holly!


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